I survived: No News Tuesday

Yesterday I went the entire day without news, and I survived. That’s right. I did not watch news, read news, or hear any news for the entire day. I call that No News Tuesday. I was not trying to be disconnected, but rather I was avoiding the often sensationalized news stories, which allowed me to be more focused on my priorities. I went an entire day without news about the current headlines such as coronavirus, Trump, Brexit, the Oscars, Tesla, Apple, Google, Breaking News, and more.

  • no stock reports
  • no radio
  • no CNN
  • no LinkedIn
  • no Twitter
  • no Facebook
  • no TV
  • no Apple News
  • no USA TODAY
  • no weather
  • no TechCrunch

It worked for me and I don’t feel like I missed anything. The world continued on without me hearing about it.

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