App Distribution Sites

I have found these services that support mobile app distribution. I have only used TestFlight so far because it is the only free service. TestFlight HockeyApp AppBlade Knappsack I am looking for another free service like TestFlight that supports other platforms besides iOS and Android. I would also like to distribute private Tizen apps but have not … Continue reading App Distribution Sites

Using the Xcodeproj Ruby Gem

The Xcodeproj Ruby gem is an excellent tool to create and update Xcode projects for iOS and Mac apps. I wanted to use it on a command line tool I was building recently. This tool is being used to help improve the productivity of iOS developers. The Xcodeproj gem is a perfect example of a productivity … Continue reading Using the Xcodeproj Ruby Gem

Teams Give Way to Squads

In mobile software development there are no teams anymore. More and more I am seeing a lack of formal teams. Now, we only use squads. The days of coherent teams of people with various skills who join together to work on the same software product for a long period of time, are gone. Nobody wants to … Continue reading Teams Give Way to Squads

AT&T Site Down for Upgrade

Now that I am ready to activate my new iPhone 5 with AT&T, their website is down. Here is the message on the website: We are upgrading our online account management system right now.

My New iPhone 5 Has Arrived

I finally received my new iPhone 5 today by FedEx after ordering on the evening of September 15, 2012. Now, after unboxing, I am doing a full backup of my old iPhone 4 so I can perform a restore onto my new iPhone 5. This should save a lot of setup time. The new iPhone … Continue reading My New iPhone 5 Has Arrived