The Mobile Six Pack

I have often been asked these two questions about building mobile apps: What size mobile team is needed to build a specific app? How long will it take to build this app? After answering these same questions over and over for the past three years, I have come to the conclusion that most mobile app … Continue reading The Mobile Six Pack

Using GeoNames web services for JSON list of locations

I found a nice web service that provides a JSON array of places based on a latitude and longitude. It is provided by GeoNames and has been very useful supplying locations for my Ruby on Rails app. Place this URL in your browser or click the link: Here is a sample JSON output for one location: … Continue reading Using GeoNames web services for JSON list of locations

Using the Xcodeproj Ruby Gem

The Xcodeproj Ruby gem is an excellent tool to create and update Xcode projects for iOS and Mac apps. I wanted to use it on a command line tool I was building recently. This tool is being used to help improve the productivity of iOS developers. The Xcodeproj gem is a perfect example of a productivity … Continue reading Using the Xcodeproj Ruby Gem

Teams Give Way to Squads

In mobile software development there are no teams anymore. More and more I am seeing a lack of formal teams. Now, we only use squads. The days of coherent teams of people with various skills who join together to work on the same software product for a long period of time, are gone. Nobody wants to … Continue reading Teams Give Way to Squads

AT&T Site Down for Upgrade

Now that I am ready to activate my new iPhone 5 with AT&T, their website is down. Here is the message on the website: We are upgrading our online account management system right now.

My New iPhone 5 Has Arrived

I finally received my new iPhone 5 today by FedEx after ordering on the evening of September 15, 2012. Now, after unboxing, I am doing a full backup of my old iPhone 4 so I can perform a restore onto my new iPhone 5. This should save a lot of setup time. The new iPhone … Continue reading My New iPhone 5 Has Arrived